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Rugby Niche

St Andrew’s Secondary School, as part of the St Andrew’s Village, provides education for boys that qualify for Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical streams.

As part of St Andrew’s Village, St Andrew’s Secondary School works with St Andrew’s Junior School to continue the academic, moral, physical, social and spiritual education the latter have provided. At the same time, it provides a link with St Andrew’s Junior College.

While a large cohort of students is from St Andrew’s Junior School, there is a significant number of talented students from other primary schools that enter St Andrew’s Secondary School each year.

The school has several academic structures in place for each student regardless of the stream:

  1. RKS Adams Class for the first Express class, emphasizing integrated learning and creative assessment
  2. Experiential Learning for students in the Normal Technical stream
  3. Tie-ups and programmes with the polytechnics and our own junior college for enhanced learning

As the school’s key CCA, The Saints Rugby programme is supported by the St Andrew’s Parent-Teacher Association (SAPTA) and the St Andrew’s Alumni (SAA) both in funds and in programme management.

Rugby in St Andrew’s

Rugby is a passion with the St Andrew’s family of schools. From the Junior School to the Junior College, the game is played with great pride, symbolized by wearing the white and blue hooped jersey.

The game has deep roots in the school, having been introduced by GJ Gurney in 1933. The School’s proud rugby tradition has groomed over a hundred national players since 1930. Passion for the game and a deep love for the school have brought back many such established old boys to coach and support the team. They even form a very enthusiastic alumni team for under 35s and over 35s.

The Saints Rugby Programme provides top level coaching and education for all its players, while emphasizing a holistic approach that develops student athletes for life beyond the field of play.

  • Structured coaching panel comprising professional coaches who coach across all three St Andrew’s schools.
  • Academic tracking and mentoring for students under the DSA rugby scheme to ensure a balanced development of our student athletes.
  • A ‘3 Sports Disciplines’ facility which caters to all sports in St Andrew’s Village:
  1. In-house Sports Medicine facility staffed by a qualified Physiotherapist
  2. In-house Mental Skills training, conducted by experienced external facilitators,
  3. Specific Strength and Conditioning section staffed by experienced trainers.

Admission Criteria for Direct School Admission (DSA-Rugby)

  • Application is open to male students only
  • Applicants must possess good level of rugby proficiency (subject to trials) and have represented school/club in at least one rugby tournament
  • Applicants who have no rugby experience will not be considered for DSA-Rugby
  • For returning Singaporeans, Overseas and International students, please ensure that relevant approvals have been given by the Ministry of Education (

Application Process

DSA-Rugby application will be based on submission of the following by 19th August 2017:
  • DSA-Rugby application form (hardcopy)
  • School Result Slips (Primary 4 – 6)
  • Personal portfolio (special rugby awards and achievements, leadership and values in action programme etc)
  • Teachers and Coaches’ recommendation (where available) 

Selection Process

DSA-Rugby selection will be based on the following:
  • Selection trials will be conducted;
  • Applicants will be assessed on their physical, mental, technical skills and game awareness 
  • Interview (when shortlisted)
Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.