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2023 Sec 1 Registration And Appeals


 Registration for all Sec 1 students will be done electronically. The link for e-registration and the class allocated will be sent to parents via Parents Gateway at 5pm on the day of release of posting results.

 Students offered Subject-Based Banding (SBB) subject(s) will be notified via Parents Gateway to attend a virtual briefing on SBB.

Details of the briefing:

  • 22 Dec 2022
  • 10am (SBB G3) & 11am (SBB G2) 

Form teachers will be contacting parents after the briefing.

Information for Sec 1 Students Eligible for SBB

  • Briefing slides for students from the Normal (Technical) course

  • FAQs for parents/guardians

    1. How does my child/ward register for Sec 1 registration if I am not on board Parents Gateway?
    The link for e-registration will be sent to parents via email. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to come on-board Parents Gateway so that you may receive timely information such as school announcements and consent forms. You are invited to download the free Parents Gateway mobile app on your mobile phone (available on IOS and Android platforms only) and perform a simple one-time on boarding process.
    2. Does my child/ward still need to register via e-registration or report in person if he intends to appeal for a transfer to another school?
    If you intend to appeal for a transfer, your child must still submit his e-registration at our school and subsequently approach the school of your choice to request for a transfer. 

    3. How do I know if my child/ward is eligible for Higher Mother Tongue/Third Language?
    If your child /ward is eligible for Higher Mother Tongue / 3rd language, our subject co-ordinator will be contacting you on 23 December 2022. 

    4. How do I know if my child/ward is offered Subject Based Banding (SBB) subject(s) and what do I need to do?
    Students offered Subject-Based Banding (SBB) subject(s) will be notified via Parents Gateway to attend a virtual briefing on SBB on 22 December 2022. Form Teachers will be contacting parents after the briefing. 

    5. Who can I contact regarding support for students with special educational needs (SEN)?
    We encourage parents/guardians to attend a zoom meeting with our SEN Officers so that they can provide details of the support available for your child/ward. You may use the link provided in the Parents Gateway announcement on Sec 1 e-registration to provide brief information of your child/ward. 
    6. How can I apply for MOE Financial Assistance?
    If you wish to apply for financial assistance, download the application form for MOE Financial Assistance Scheme here. Please submit the completed form, together with the supporting documents to the school’s general office.  

    7. Is there parking within the school premises for parents/guardians visiting the school?
    Parents/guardians visiting the school are to park at the nearby HDB carparks.

    8. How can I apply for the 'Drive Through only' car label? 

    Parents / guardians who wish to drop your child/ward off within the school premises, can apply for a ‘Drive Through Only’ car label hereFor applications submitted before 29 Dec 2022, the car label will be issued to your child/ward within the first week of school 2023.    

    9. Can my child/ward still use his Primary School EZ-Link card? 
    Your child/ward can continue to use his Primary School EZ Link card till the new card is issued. Those purchasing Concession Passes will need to purchase the Concession Pass for secondary school students. 

    10. How can my child/ward purchase his textbooks and uniform?
    The schedule for Sec 1s is:

    27 Dec

    9am to 11am

    Sec 1 Wonder & 1 Integrity

    27 Dec

    1pm to 3pm

    Sec 1 Self-discipline & 1 Excellence

    28 Dec

    9am to 11am

    Sec 1 Thanksgiving & 1 Resilience

    28 Dec

    1pm to 3pm

    Sec 1 Unity, 1 Empathy

    Additional date for Sec 1s:

    • 21 Dec – 23 Dec 9am to 3pm
    • 29 Dec 9am to 3pm

    Note that your child/ward should be accompanied by at most two adults.

    11. Which PE T-shirt does my child/ward buy?
    Ex-SAJS students will remain in their respective houses allocated in the Junior School. Non-SAJS students will be allocated as follows:

    1 Wonder

    - Gomes House

    1 Integrity & 1 Resilience

    - Hose House

    1 Self-discipline & 1 Unity

    - Loyfatt House

    1 Excellence & 1 Empathy

    - Romanis House

    1 Thanksgiving

    - Venn House

    12. How can I contact the school for further enquiries?
    You may email us at or submit your enquiries here via this link to FormSG.  [available from 21 to 30 Dec 2022]

    Sec 1 Transfer Appeals

    Please take note of the following guidelines for Secondary 1 transfer appeals to St Andrew's Secondary School for admission in year 2023:

    1. Transfer appeals will be via online submission. Please download the transfer appeal form here and submit the form along with the relevant documents (listed below as well as on the transfer appeal form) in soft copy to the school email at by Friday, 23 December 2022 5pm. Late appeals will not be accepted.
    2. For more information on transfer appeals, you may refer to the MOE weblink here
    3. Please note that only students whose PSLE Score meets our school's Cut-Off-Point for the course and admission criteria for 2023 may apply.
    4. The school will only accept transfer appeals if there are vacancies available.

    Parents seeking transfer for Secondary 1 are to email the following documents in soft copy to the school at by Friday, 23 December 2022 5pm: 

    ·   Transfer Appeal Form 

    ·   PSLE Result Slip

    ·   S1 Options Verification Slip

    ·   Sec 1 Posting Result Slip

    ·   Any other relevant documents (e.g.: PACT Result Slip)

     PSLE Cut-Off Points for 2023 Secondary 1 



    Non- Affiliation




    Normal (Academic)



    Normal (Technical)



    Affiliated School: St Andrew’s Junior School

    First day of school

    (Finalised information will be provided on school website and parents will receive PG announcement during the last week of December.)

    The academic year will commence on 3 Jan 2023, Tuesday

    Reporting venue:
    • Sec 1s: 

      All students are to report to their Form Teachers by 7.50am at the Hall
    • Sec 2s to 5s: Students are to report to their Form Teachers at 7.50am at the Court Yard
    • School Uniform (bring along the school tie)
    Things to bring:
    • Thermometer
    • Saints Companion
    • A book to read
    • Stationery (pen and paper)

    Dismissal time:

    • 1pm