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Award/ Position




Police Cup 'B' Division 


Police Cup 'B' Division 


Champions, 2018


1st runner-up, 2018




National Schools Games 'B' Division 



4th place, 2018





'B' Division CBL League



2nd runner-up




National Schools 'B' Division Squash Championship


National Schools 'C' Division Squash Championship



4th position




3rd position





National Schools Swimming Championship

     -      B Division 4X50m         Medley Relay

     -      100m Backstroke B     Division: Ian Michael     (3S1)

     -      50m Backstroke C       Division: Bryon Chin     (1J2)





4th position


4th position


5th position



Track & Field


National Schools Games 'B' Division - 3000m race

National Schools Games 'B' Division - 2000m Steeplechase


Gold (1st), 2018


Gold (1st), 2018



St. John Ambulance Brigade



Corps Achievement Award 

Unit Award



Silver, 2018


National Cadet Corps



HQ NCC Freestyle Drill Competition

Unit Award 



Silver, 2018


National Police Cadet Corps



Unit Overall Proficiency Award







Frank Cooper Sands Award

South Area Cooking Competition

South Area Orienteering Competition




Gold, 2018

Bronze, 2018



Singapore Youth Flying Club



SAFMC Competition 


2nd Overall Championship


Gold for Theory of Flight


Gold for Aesthetics



National Schools Games 'C' Division - Kyorugi

National Schools Games 'C' Division - Poomsae

1st runner up

2nd runner up



Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) Competition 2018, LEGO Sprint Category 

IDE Competition 2018, Engineering Challenge Category

Future Transport Challenge 2018 - Fastest Car Category

Innovation Programme by Gifted Education Branch (MOE)


Engineering Award, 2018

1st runner up


ELL / MTL / Humanities

National Schools Literature Festival 2018 - Unseen Poetry Debate

Tamil Language Competitions 2018 

Winner (Sec 3 Express)

Winner (Sec 4 Normal Acad)

2nd place (Composition Writing), 5th place (Quiz)

 Mathematics / Science

 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad

-      Junior section




-      Senior section




National Accounting Quiz





All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students


Lower Sec NA

Lower Sec NT


Lower Sec NA – Caleb Rayman Som, 2J3

Lower Sec NT – Nicholas Ng, 2M



2 Silver

3 Bronze

2 Honourable mention

1 Bronze

3 Honourable mention


7th and 11th out of 200 teams

8 students awarded with Certificate of Distinction

4 students awarded with Certificate of Merit




4th position

3rd position


16th position


20th position


SAINTS IN THE NEWS (2018 - 2019)

The ‘B’ Division Hockey team received positive media coverage for their display of sportsmanship at the 3rd and 4th placing match during the National School Games 2018. The following articles were published:


* “School sports: St Andrew's Secondary hockey players lose match but win admiration for sportsmanship”, The Straits Times, on 12 Apr, by Natalie Choy Ching Mun


* “Sportsmanship in the heat of battle elevates a captain”, The Straits Times, on 12 Apr, by Rohit Brijnath


*   “公正在胜利之上” (trans. “Placing Fair play above Victory”), zbCOMMA, April edition, by Lin Shi Hui


* “School Sports: Saints hockey captain Sean See feted with ST's Young Star Award”, The Straits Times, on Oct 26, by Wang Meng Meng