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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission 

Making Lives, Waking Hearts
To Serve the Coming Days
Family   Society   Eternity

Our Vision

St Andrew’s Village: 
Home of Servant Leaders
who bring life to the nations

Our Values

W onder          T hanksgiving
I ntegrity          R esilience
S elf- Discipline      U nity
E xcellence          E mpathy



Our Strategic Thrusts

Empowering Learning: Building on our success in developing efficacious learning, we are focusing on developing boys who are self-directed learners with the will to excel in their academic pursuits.

Serving and Belonging: Leveraging on the strong sense of belonging we have been able to bring about in our boys, we aim to develop their desire and ability to serve the community and nation through developing the traits of servant leadership in all students.

Every Boy Aspiring: In developing Men of Stature, we remain committed to growing every boy to be a sportsman with every boy expected to be skilful in at least one sport and familiar with several more, as we strongly believe in the camaraderie and social learning that comes with playing together.  Through this strategic thrust, we aim to equip the boys to raise all their CCAs to the highest level.  

In addition, the school has developed three Support Systems in Communication, Resources and People.