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Principal's Message

Welcome to the Saints Family!

St Andrew’s Secondary School was founded in 1862 by the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. Since 2004, the school has been sited together with its affiliated Junior School and Junior College in St Andrew’s Village. Blessed with a proud heritage and with the strong support of the church, alumni members and parents, the school has grown from strength to strength. It is indeed an honour to be leading the school, as a Saint myself. 

A well-established school, St Andrew’s Secondary School provides a holistic education for our boys to build character and develop life skills and competencies to navigate life in the 21st Century. Servant leadership is a trait entrenched in the school’s origins, dating back to its founding to cater to the needs of impoverished Chinese boys. Following this tradition, the school’s vision is to nurture servant leaders who bring life to the nations.

In recognition of each individual's varied strengths, the learning goals in St Andrew's aim to develop boys to become men of exemplary character, whilst arming them with soft skills to be Skilled Communicators, Community Builders and Holistic Thinkers. To hone these skills, the school designs a wide range of programmes that empower our Saints and cultivate in them a strong sense of purpose and passion to serve the school, community and nation. 

The school offers customised programmes and pedagogical approaches catering to students' varied interests and strengths, to help them develop strength of character, a strong learning disposition and 21st century skills and competencies. Our Applied Learning Programme on Engineering Design equips Saints with problem solving skills using Critical Thinking and the Design Thinking framework. Saints get to identify themselves as engineers and are inspired to creatively design solutions to authentic issues. This encourages discovery, exploratory learning and problem solving that will enable them to make sense of the world and better prepare for the future. 

Our distinctive Rugby for Life programme leverages on the school's long-standing tradition in this rugged and disciplined sport that builds character and leadership qualities in our boys. The programme inculcates sound values and develops socio-emotional competencies as the boys serve the community through their passion in sports. 

In pursuit of their aspirations, Saints embark on an enriching and rewarding educational journey as they mature into servant leaders who are prepared to tackle challenges. I have many fond memories of my time in SA and I believe that our boys will enjoy the same Saints experience. 

We thank God for His grace, wisdom and blessings as we continue our work together as One Family Unbroken to grow our staff and boys.  

Every boy is precious. We shall do our best to love them unconditionally and nurture them to be gentlemen of wisdom and stature!

Up and On! 

Mr Lee Han Hwa
Principal of St Andrew's Secondary School