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Arts for the Saints

ARTS for the Saints is a special arts enrichment programme put together by the ARTS Committee comprising of art and music teachers, teachers involved in the performing arts as well as teachers with a love for the arts. 

The main focus of ARTS for the Saints is the Hall Assembly programmes during which different local artistes are invited to perform for Saints. In addition, there are times when the boys themselves from the different performing arts groups take centre stage, to perform in front of their peers. 

The programmes during Hall Assembly expose Saints to the four different art forms – art, dance, drama, and music – and are carefully selected to tie in with the music curriculum. Our school stage has welcomed the likes of Gamelan Asmaradana, Singapore Dance Theatre, the T’ang Quartet, and even film-maker, Royston Tan. 

The ARTS Committee also plans a series of special arts programmes every year, some of which take smaller groups of boys out of school to experience the arts. For instance, annually, students from the RKS Adams classes attend an introductory dance lecture at Singapore Dance Theatre. 

The highlight of every year is the ARTS Festival. Over two days, an entire level of students is treated to a variety of arts workshops. This year, our Saints participated in workshops on marbling, mime, capoeira, taiko drumming, just to name a few. 


ARTS for the Saints Hall Assembly programme: Performance by Gamelan Asmaradana


ARTS for the Saints Hall Assembly programme : SYF Preview by Drama Club 


ARTS Festival 2015 : Mime workshop

1J2 Taiko.jpg

ARTS Festival 2015 : Taiko drumming workshop