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Enhanced Art Program

The Enhanced Art Program

In St. Andrew’s Secondary School

Program Description

The Enhanced Art Program (EAP) in St. Andrew’s Secondary School is offered to students interested in furthering their love for art and design after a lower secondary art curriculum that has already laid some foundations in both. This program by MOE from 2011, aims to nurture these students' interest and talent, as well as appreciation, in Art and Design. 

The EAP serves to extend the capabilities of MOE selected schools to provide an enriched art learning environment for art inclined students offering Art at ‘O’ level and expand the pool of talents who will pursue the visual arts as career choice.

Program Details

Students in an EAP school will have a wider exposure to different art practices, to help them build a strong foundation for art making and art appreciation. It also aims to equip students with the necessary aptitude while nurturing their creativity and technical skills for the future.  

The EAP in St. Andrew’s Secondary includes the following exposure for students: Design- based skills are introduced into the foundational fine art practices of drawing and painting,

  • Study of Visual Arts (SOVA)- Art theory, response and appreciation
  • Digital Imaging (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital 3D Modelling (Cinema 4D/ Prodesktop)
  • Digital Animation (Cinema 4D)
  • Field trips, including Visits to Art Spaces in Singapore/ Overseas Trips [upper secondary art students]

Study of Visual Arts:
The SOVA program aims to equip students to engage in active conversation and discussion about art and artists. Students are required to discuss and write about artwork and are allowed to offer this written component as part of their Art ‘O’ level assessment. 

Digital Image Editing exposure for students:
All art students are exposed to basic digital image editing using Adobe Photoshop software. In St. Andrew’s Secondary, we recognize the importance to educate the current generation to manipulate and edit images digitally and to develop visual presentation skills needed for the future. The image-editing process allows learning and application of Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Students are exposed to design software to aid them in art making processes. 

Photography exposure for students:
All Art Students are introduced to fundamentals of photography in:
  • Elements of Art and Composition Skills
  • Aperture, Shutter Speed and Exposure in Photography

The program aims to open our students’ eyes to their surrounding and observe them with greater sensitivity and keenness. 

Animation exposure for students:
Animation is a medium that reaches out to different students. It requires drawing, visualization, modelling, physics, research and imagination skills. The Tan Lye Whatt animation lab has 20 PCs installed with Adobe Master Collection and Cinema 4D Program.

Collaboration with External Partners:
The St. Andrew’s Secondary Art Unit collaborates with the following partners with the aim to enhance our in-house art program:

  • Canon
  • MOE SDCD, Art Unit
  • Visual and Performing Arts, National Institute of Education (VPA, NIE)