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RKS Adams

The RKS Programme started in 2006 with one class which was named after one of St Andrew’s most beloved principals, The Rev RKS Adams, trusting that the class will emulate his quality of vision, his steadfastness of character and his value for excellence. From 2013, we have 80 students for the Sec 1 RKS classes. These students are taught using more group learning as well as by harnessing more recently developed technology.  They will also be assessed in both traditional as well as less traditional ways.

Our Vision for the RKS students: 

R eaching Upwards 
K nowing Self 
S erving Others 

For Reaching Upwards, students are developed in their intellectual capacity to bring about the values of Wonder and Excellence:

  • Habits of Mind / Critical Thinking 
  • 1:1 Computing 
  • Organise Maths Trails for the 1NA and JS P5 students
  • Academic Competitions
  • Journalism through Village Online
  • Heart Courageous Programme

For Knowing Self, students’ character development development begins with a right 
understanding of themselves in relation to others:

  • “Boys in Front” opportunities 
  • Hike (a collaboration with Scouts) 
  • Basic Leadership Training (collaboration with SG)
  • Work Shadowing
  • Learning Journeys

For Serving Others, students’ caring muscles are developed through service learning 

  • Sec 1 – Care for the Environment – Wormy Compost & Landscaping
  • Sec 2 – Care for the Elderly – Lions Befrienders Home & St John’s Home
  • Sec 3 – Care for the Juniors – Read to Lead & OVIA
  • Sec 4 – Care for the Juniors – RKS-JL Mentoring Programme

Through these programmes, the RKS students can achieve  a silver for NYAA.