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CCA Grading Scheme

CCA Grading Scheme LEAPS

Participation in at least one CCA (Co-curricular Activity) is compulsory. Students may take part in more than one CCA. The variety of CCAs fall under four categories: Uniform Groups, Performing Arts, Games or Clubs & Societies.

Under LEAPS, points are awarded for leadership, enrichment, achievement, participation and service.

1. Leadership
Leadership points are awarded for leadership roles such as Prefects, Class Chairmen, House Captains, Section Leaders and Conductors of the school band, NCOs or the equivalent in the Uniformed Groups and office-bearers of clubs and societies.

Points range from 2 points for Prefects to 8 points for the School Captain.

2. Enrichment
Enrichment points are awarded upon the completion of the Character Development Programme modules within the 4 to 5 secondary school years.

The three domains are Citizenship, Enterprise and Personal & Social Learning.
  • 1 point for completing 2 modules from any domain,
  • 2 points for completing 4 modules from and 2 domains and
  • 3 points for completing 6 and more modules from all domains.

The maximum point limit is 3 points.

3. Achievement
Achievement points are sub-categorised into Representation, Accomplishment and Attainment points as they complement each other.

Representation points are awarded to students who represent the school in inter-school competitions and for those who represent the school, zone or nation in external competitions in inter-school, regional and international competitions.

Attainment points are awarded to students who attain awards that are of non- competitive nature, such as the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA).

Accomplishment points awarded to students who win awards at inter-school, national, regional and international competitions and awards from the uniformed organization they are in.

The maximum point limit is 15 points from the 3 sub-categories.

4. Participation
One point is awarded for each year of participation with 75% attendance in one CCA. Points are awarded for the Intra-School activities as well as for participation in the Singapore Youth Festival and the annual National Day Parade.

The maximum point limit is 10 points from 3 activities.

5. Service
Service Points are awarded for community service organized by the School and projects approved by the school.

1 point for 20 hours, 2 points for 40 hours, 3 points for 60 hours, 4 points for 80 hours and 5 points for 100 hours of community service over 4 to 5 secondary school years.

The maximum point limit is 5 points for the total number of hours of community service performed over the 4 to 5 secondary school years.

The highest points from the 5 categories, subject to the maximum point limit for each category are added together. The points are converted to a CCA grade which is then converted to bonus points for admission to JC/CI and Polytechnics.


Four-Year Commitment

Five-Year Commitment
Marks Awarded
Marks Awarded
25 & above

26 & above
 20 - 24
A2   21 - 25
 16 - 19
  17 - 20
 13 - 15
  14 - 16
10 - 12
  11 - 13
8 - 9
  9 - 10
4 - 7
  5 - 8
1 - 3
  1 - 4
0 F9