How can I check the balance in my Edusave account?

Call the Edusave phone enquiry system at Tel: 62600777 to check the latest balance by following the instructions given over the phone.


How do I report lost of EZ-link card?

Call the Transitlink Hotline at Tel: 1800-2255663 to report the loss of the card.

How can I obtain a replacement of my ez link card?

Visit the Card Replacement Offices (list of offices is available at www.transitlink.com.sg) for immediate replacement of ez link card. You need to bring along your birth certificate or identity card and 1 recent photograph with school uniform and cash.


Which house do I belong to?

If you an ex-SAJS student, you will remain in your respective house allocated in the junior school. If you are a non-SAJS student, you will be allocated the house by your class:

Sec 1A & Sec 1N1 - Gomes,
Sec 1B & Sec 1N2 - Hose,
Sec 1C & Sec 1N3 - Loyfatt,
Sec 1D- Romanis,
Sec 1E- Venn.


How do I apply for the rental of locker?

You are required to fill in the application form and submit together with cash /cheque payable to ‘St Andrew’s Sec School’ to the general office.
You will be receiving:
•     the locker number allocated to you
•     the original key for the locker
•     Official receipt for payment

What if I lost the original key of the locker?
You can seek assistance from the general office. You will be given another key to your locker. Cost of the first replacement is $5.00 and subsequent replacement is $10.00.

When can I assess the locker?
During school days, you are advised to access the lockers before school starts, during recess and after school hours till 1800h. On school holidays, you can do so during school office hours.

When should I clear my locker?
Your locker should be cleared on or before the expiry date (31 Oct of the academic year) unless you have applied for renewal before the expiry date. Your belongings will be discarded and no claims whatsoever will be entertained thereafter.