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Applied Learning Programme


Our ALP develops the critical and creative thinking abilities of 
Saints: who engage actively in design and innovation. The programme focuses on a cutting-edge domain: Robotics, which integrates Science, Mathematics and Design & Technology.

Our students create products aimed at solving real-world problems. To best do so, students diligently apply intellectual standards of reasoning – such as relevance, clarity, logic, breadth and depth – to assess their thinking and designs. 

The impact of our ALP extends beyond the classroom, as students are encouraged to explore and apply logical reasoning and design thinking in their daily lives.

We are using the Arduino platform to achieve these learning outcomes. The final product is an Arduino Car, which is the combination of basic programming and the construction of chassis. Some of the input / output sensors we use are: Bluetooth, Infra-red, Ultrasound and Light-dependent resistors.


We aim to develop these key skills and competencies in a 
hands-on learning environment:
1. Design thinking – including testing and troubleshooting skills;
2. Critical thinking;
3. Knowledge of electronics components and circuit theories;
4. Understanding of the fundamental workings of electronic components and systems; and
5. Teamwork and collaboration.