Inquiry-based Approach to the Learning of Humanities. To get our students to be future ready, they are expected to be a 21st century competent learner. Hence, the Humanities subject syllabuses are geared towards the learner having to inquire geographical, historical and social issues, evaluate on their findings and make informed decisions.   

There are two prongs to this inquiry-based approach. One requires our students to go out to the physical world to gain insights and data through Geography Investigations (GI) and Historical Investigations (HI). The second approach is through studying, interpreting and evaluating information in teacher prepared case studies.   

Geography Investigations 

 Sec 1 – River 

 Sec 2 – Housing 

 Sec 3 – Coasts and Tourism   

Historical Investigations 

 Sec 1 – Singapore’s early history (e.g. Fort Canning) 

 Sec 2 – Oral History project (e.g. WW2, post-independence Singapore, LJ to National Museum)