Our Mathematics programme enables Saints to acquire and develop necessary skills, thinking and concepts for continuous learning in Mathematics; and apply their learning in a variety of business situations via Principle of Accounts. The school offers Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Principles of Accounts and Computer Applications to its students. 

We have designed learning experiences that enable students to develop the abilities to reason logically, to communicate mathematically and to learn cooperatively and independently. Our programme also aims to provide opportunities for the students to use these skills to formulate and undertake problems with confidence, enjoyment and success.

Here are some activities students take part in:
  • Lower Sec: Mathematics Preparatory Programme and Bridging Programme;
  • Lower Sec RKS Adam Classes and Sec 1 Express/ NA Classes: Viva Voce;
  • Lower Sec RKS Adam Classes: Design and conduct Maths Trail for Sec 1 NA/NT classes;
  • Sec 1 to 3 (Express and Normal Academic classes): Maths Journal 
  • Sec 1 to 3: Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Sec 1 to 5: All Singapore NA/ NT Mathematics Competition; Singapore Mathematics Olympiad