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The Mathematics Department of St. Andrew's Secondary offers Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Principles of Accounts and Computer Applications to its students. Mathematics is taught to all students and Computer Applications is taught to all Normal Technical students. Additional Mathematics and Principles of Accounts are offered to Upper Secondary students as elective subjects. 

Mathematics/ Additional Mathematics

The Mathematics Department aims to enable students to acquire and develop necessary Mathematics skills, thinking and concepts for everyday life and for continuous learning in Mathematics. 

It also wants students to develop the abilities to reason logically, to communicate mathematically and to learn cooperatively and independently.

It also aims to provide opportunities for the students to use these skills to formulate and undertake problems with confidence, enjoyment and success. 

Principles of Accounts

The Mathematics Department aims to enable students to develop an understanding of the principles and concepts of accounting and their applications in a variety of business situation.

Computer Applications

The Mathematics Department aims to enable students to become effective end-users in a technological world by acquiring skills in using common application software to accomplish tasks and develop an appreciation of the range and power of computer applications in the core modules at the lower secondary level. It also intends that students are enabled and their learning enhanced with the option modules that are introduced at the upper secondary level when they explore specific IT application areas.


The Mathematics Department has put together the following programmes to achieve its aims:

Diagnostic Test / Bridging Programme

The Secondary 1 Mathematics syllabus was streamlined after having worked with the Mathematics HOD of our Junior School. This enables us to spend more time and gives greater emphasis to an important topic like Algebra. As topics like ‘Percentages’ and ‘Rate & Ratio’ are already covered extensively at the primary level, we will not be covering these topics at Secondary 1. However, we will be conducting a Diagnostic Test on these 2 topics in Term 1 Week 1. For boys who do not do well, a Bridging Programme will be in place to help them. 

Mathematics Preparatory Programme

The Mathematics Preparatory Programme for lower secondary Normal Academic students aims to better prepare the students for the Express syllabus that they cover. The programme is anchored on the premise that a constant re-visiting of key topics will reinforce skills and concepts learnt previously. Through the spiral effect of re-visiting these topics, we hope that students will be proficient in them which will in turn help to raise their achievement level and confidence in Mathematics


To increase ownership of learning, the boys are required to have a Portfolio. This enables them to track the progress of their learning through target setting and error analysis, to reflect on their own learning through journals, and to give greater independence of learning, the boys will also be including their self-practice and self –made notes. 

Self-Directed Learning (SDL) Worksheets

The SDL Worksheets provide extra practice for the boys in addition to the work and exercises given by the teacher. These worksheets are given to the boys at the end of each chapter as supplementary worksheets to practice outside Mathematics curriculum time or when their teacher is not able to attend to their class. The boys are encouraged to work and discuss together with their peers to solve the problems given in the worksheets.

Mathematics Tutorial Booklet

This is a compilation of GCE ‘O’ Level questions for Secondary 1 and 2 topics. We would like to gear the lower Secondary boys up gradually to the ‘O’ levels right from Secondary 1.

Maths Online Discussion Forum

As online discussion forum is becoming increasingly popular and widespread among our young people, we would like to harness this interest by putting it to better use and greater benefit. Since 2008, the lower Secondary boys are given the opportunity to exchange and discuss certain Mathematics concepts that they have learnt on the online forum. This happens during their home learning day. We hope to create a buzz and heighten their interest in Mathematics through this platform.


Training of Top Mathematics Boys

Top boys in Mathematics are identified in Secondary 1 to attend training in the next three years, by our partner in education Dr Toh Tin Lam, an NTU/NIE Mathematics Lecturer. The boys will then represent the school to take part in various competitions/projects.

Lower Secondary (NA) Maths Camp, Secondary One and Three Maths-Computer Application (CPA) Trail, Secondary Two CPA Digital Animation Competition, Principles of Accounts (POA) Carnival (POAce Carnival)

By organizing these activities which combine lessons and problem solving with mental and physical challenges, we hope to stimulate, enrich and sustain the boys’ interest in Maths/CPA/POA and also to boost their confidence in learning by allowing them to experience success in solving real life problems.

RKS Adams Class

To stretch our boys in breadth and depth in Maths, Secondary 1 and 2 boys from the RKS Adams Class work together to design and conduct Maths Trails for our Junior School Primary 5 boys and for the Lower Secondary (NA) Maths classes.

LCCI-MYOB Computerised Accounting Course

This programme is organised for students taking Principles of Accounts to increase their knowledge base and skills in the subject. It will also increase their ability to compete in the job market when they attain the LCCI International Qualification.