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Mother Tongue Languages

To support the school's strategic thrusts, the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Department aims to progress by keeping up with changes in society and in MOE policies while exploring creative teaching so as to raise students' interest in learning their MTL.

To enhance learning experiences, the MTL teachers leverage on Authentic Learning to create experiences that are similar to real world contexts – to encourage Saints to apply their learning in everyday life. We also support students in “learning by doing”, where students use the target language to complete learning tasks and, thereby, sharpen their language proficiency.

Chinese Language

Programme includes:

  • MTL Fortnight Programme
  • Chinese Cultural Camp cum Learning Journey
  • Educational Immersion Programme
  • Author–in-residence Programme
  • Immersive Reading Programme
  • Learning Chinese through Comics
  • Buddy Reading Programme in Collaboration with St Andrew’s Junior School
  • Grammar 'Xiao Long Bao' 

Malay Language

Programme includes:

  • Language and Poetry recital competitions
  • MTL Fortnight Programme
  • Malay Cultural Camp
  • Educational Immersion Programme
  • S5 Cluster exams preparation workshops for O-levels exams

Tamil Language

Programme include"

  • Appreciation of Theatre Arts
  • Oral Presentations
  • Murasu Anjal Training Course
  • Read & Review
  • Muthu Koodal Tamil Language Camp
  • Poetry Appreciation