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Our Science department aims to develop in students the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes relevant to the practices of Science, enabling them to: 

• Deepen their interest in Science for future learning and work. 
• Become scientific literate citizens who can innovate and seize opportunities in the 21st century. 
• Appreciate practical applications of Science in the real world.  

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Upper Secondary Science

We offer Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science(Physics/Chemistry) and Science for students from the Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) streams.

Special Programmes

Our special programmes are targeted at Lower Secondary students to give them a strong start at being self-directed learners with a keen spirit of scientific inquiry.

Secondary 1 students take part in our River Studies Project where they apply scientific knowledge and concepts in their study of the Kallang River. Students examine the river from its source to its end with special focus on monitoring water quality and the river’s ecosystem.

Secondary 2 students take part in River Studies 2.0 where they venture out to the Kallang Park Connector that stretches along the Kallang River to do an ecological survey. They conduct ecological fieldwork and learn to take ownership of the biodiversity and landscape around them.  

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To apply what they have learnt, our students take part in competitions such as:
  •  Junior Biology Olympiad
  • Junior Chemistry Olympiad
  • Junior Physics Olympiad
  • Biomedical Quiz
  • REACH/ICAS Science Competition
  • ignITE Skills Challenge
  • Singapore Science and Engineering Fair