Our Science department adopts F.A.M.E. Framework, which stands for Foundation and Mastery For Excellence. In their foundational years, in Lower Secondary, students are guided in
exploring Science as a field of study and developing a passion for Science via activities that build their:
  • Scientific knowledge;
  • Application skills;
  • Understanding and control of basic scientific processes;
  • Fundamental critical thinking skills.
In Upper Secondary, students consolidate their scientific knowledge and pursue their passion in specific fields of study in science (including engineering) – where they deepen their mastery in the pursuit of excellence in Science.

Upper Secondary Science

We offer Biology (SPA), Chemistry(SPA), Physics(SPA), Science(Physics/Chemistry) and Science for students from the Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) streams.

Special Programmes

Our special programmes are targeted at Lower Secondary students to give them a strong start at being  a self-directed learner, with a keen spirit of scientific inquiry.

Secondary 1 students take part in our River Studies Project where they apply scientific knowledge and concepts in their study of the Kallang River from its source to its end with special focus on monitoring water quality and the river’s ecosystem.

Secondary 2 students take part in The Young Scientist Programme (TYSP). Through an investigative project, our students learn to test a hypothesis by applying the Elements of Thought and Engineering Design Process throughout the project cycle. In addition, they learn to apply the Intellectual Standards of Critical thinking to evaluate their thinking.

To apply what they have learnt, our students take part in competitions such as:
    1. The National Science Challenge
    2. Junior Chemistry Olympiad
    3. NSW Science Competition
    4. ignITE competition