CCA Policy at St Andrew's

Students must have a main CCA each year from one of the 4 groups. The attendance rate for participation will be based on the attendance of the main CCA.

Students are highly encouraged to participate and achieve excellence in only one CCA.

Students who are keen to experience different CCAs offered in school may opt for the change at the beginning of each academic year. (Sec 1s and 2s only). 

In such cases, the points awarded for the previous CCA would be credited to the students’ CCA records. However, the student must fulfil a minimum of 75% CCA attendance for that year. 

However, this does not apply to students in the mandatory CCA.

CCA Participation

CCA participation is compulsory in Secondary School.

Schools are to be guided by the Co-Curriculum philosophy and principles as well as the purpose of CCA when planning and implementing CCA programmes to achieve the learning outcomes. 

The selection of CCA programmes offered should be consistent with the school’s mission and appeal to the diverse interests of students. It should also take into consideration available manpower and material resources. 

CCA Student Development Plan

Each CCA should be guided by a CCA Student Development Plan (SDP). The SDP should design the CCA experience towards progressive development and attainment of CCA learning outcomes as students move from one level to the next. The CCA SDP should provide students with an all year involvement in CCA. 

Provision should be made for all students to be exposed to the basics of the CCA, with the more advanced students supported to excel and develop their talents. A variety of programmes and activities should be offered to provide for holistic development and to broaden students' learning. 

Each CCA is encouraged to incorporate CCA-based Values in Action (VIA) activities or projects which are teacher-led or student-initiated in their planning of activities for the year. 

CCA Hours

The recommended average hours for secondary school and pre-university level are 5-6 hours per week per CCA. Schools have the autonomy to vary the hours within reasonable limits to cater to their students’ age-group, abilities, interests, talents and well-being. 

CCA hours may vary during competition periods and off season periods.

Broadening CCA experiences

Students may choose to participate in more than one CCA in order to broaden their experiences and learn a wider range of skills. However we encourage all students to participate and achieve in one CCA.

Student-initiated activities

Students who are keen on an activity not offered in the school can be encouraged to start a Student Initiated Activity (SiA) by gathering peers who have a similar interest in the activity and obtaining the school’s endorsement of the activity.

SiAs which prove to be well-structured and sustainable could be developed into a new CCA with the school’s approval. As with all CCA, SiAs should be geared towards teaching a skill related to the activity, and at the same time cultivate desirable values, dispositions and competencies in line with the purpose of and learning outcomes of CCA. 

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Participation in National Youth Squad with the National Sports Association

Students may pursue a sustained programme with a National Sports Association. Such involvement should not replace the need for participation in a school-based CCA. 

The relevant organisation may seek the school principal's permission for the students to be exempted from the school's CCA training sessions. Once the training stint with the organisation ends, the students will have to resume training with the school’s CCA. 

Change of CCA

Students who are members of the mandatory CCA are strongly encouraged to remain with the CCA throughout secondary school as the National UG are strongly positioned to nurture national values and develop character, ruggedness and resilience. 

School principals should assess requests for a change of CCA from students in the mandatory CCA on a case by case basis, and may allow for one change in CCA either at the end of Secondary One or Secondary Two. 

For non-mandatory CCA, students who are keen to experience the different CCA in school may opt for a change at the beginning of each academic year. (For Sec 1 & 2 only)