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Direct School Admission - ITE Special College Admission Scheme


Students with special talents and achievements in the following areas may apply for admission into ITE full-time Higher Nitec and Nitec courses under SCAS:

Course-related SkillsStudents who have exhibited abilities, talents for course applied through awards and/or personal portfolioStudent who won awards in national level competitions with relevant course related skills eg national robotics competitions/national digital design competitions. 

Student who demonstrated strong abilities and talents for the courses applied with personal portfolio
SportsStudents who have obtained awards or achievements at national/international levelsStudent who won the Singapore Sport School Award, National School Championship Award, National School Division Award etc Student who is a national player
Performing & Visual ArtsStudents who have obtained awards or achievements at national or international levelStudent who won awards at national/international competitions eg national level band competitions, national level dance competitions or national performing arts events (eg Singapore Youth Festival) 

Student who is a key performer for a performing arts group
Leadership, Entrepreneurship & InnovationStudents who have obtained awards or achievements at national or international level, or who have held key role/leadership positions in communityStudent who wonawards in entrepreneurship/innovation events at national/international levels. 

Student who held key appointments in school committees/student council/uniform groups (eg President, Vice-President).

To ensure that students admitted through SCAS will be able to cope with the ITE courses, they are expected to meet the minimum entry requirements (where applicable) of their respective Higher Nitec and Nitec courses based on their GCE ‘N’ or ‘O’ level results.  Successful applicants are also expected to pass the colour vision test and/or medical check for admission into selected courses.

For students who are offered a place via their non-academic achievement in the areas of Sports, Performing & Visual Arts and Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, they will be required to contribute in the same CCA or similar CCA offered at their ITE College of study during their 2 years ITE Course.


The key dates for SCAS are as follows:
Application DatesUsually Month of July
Interview DatesUsually Month of August
Notification/Acceptance of Application OutcomeMonth of October


Application is open to final-year secondary school students from the Normal (Technical), Normal (Academic) and ‘O’ level streams, as well as past-year secondary school leavers.  Applicants are advised to submit their online application to be considered for admission into the following year's intakes.

Current ITE students are not eligible for this scheme. Students can apply up to a maximum of 3 choices of courses online.  Each ITE College will notify short-listed applicants on the interview dates. 


In selecting the students, ITE Colleges will take into account, their suitability and motivation for admission to the course applied for, based on their CCA records, personal portfolio of achievements and performance at interview.

Final-year secondary school students without their GCE ‘N’ or ‘O’ level examination results, and who are selected, will be given a conditional offer of a place in ITE.  Confirmation of admission will be based on students meeting the minimum entry requirements (where applicable) for the selected courses, when the final GCE ‘N’ or ‘O’ level examination results are released.  Students, who have applied to more than one ITE College, may receive only 1 offer based on the order of choice.

For more information, please click here for FAQs on the ITE SCAS