Other Students Activities (Non-CCA)

There are some other specialized activities in which boys can participate. They are as shown. 

Saints Club (In Curriculum Program)

SAINTS CLUB (In Curriculum Program)

Teacher in-charge: 

Ms Angeline Ler

Mr Vincent Lai
Ms Yvoone Liew

Mr Logan

Mr Kevin Lune

Mr Surya


(1)  Party Entertainment Skills – Basic Magic tricks

(2)  Hip Hop

(3)  Floorball

(4)  Photo Culinary skills

Sessions are held once a week from 12.35pm to 2.20pm every Tuesday

saints club 4.JPG
saints club 3.JPG

saints club.jpg

Saints Fellowship Programme

Pastoral staff

Mr Nelson Lee

Email them at chaplaincy@chs.org.sg

Saints’ Fellowship (SF)

Saints’ Fellowship Program is an interactive learning fellowship session which includes worship, discussions, prayer and games. The activities will provide our boys the opportunity to learn values that enhance their social emotional competencies. The teaching is aimed at developing good character based on biblical principles and values that are important to being an effective member of the community.
SFC 4.jpg
SFC 2.jpg

Library (English Department)




Books Added

As at this point in writing a total of 205 books have been added to the library collection.  Of which 73 were purchased the previous year and were delivered after the writing of last year’s report.  

Despite the success of having the student librarians help physically select books for consideration for purchase the previous year, the School has decided to discontinue with the practice and search for a more robust method of selecting books.


As in previous years, the Library was the venue for the NRIC registration exercise in the 1st semester and the NHB student health check at the start of the 2nd Semester.  We are happy to report that both exercises were carried out smoothly.  

The Library continues to be the ‘home ground’ for the School Debate Society during the National Julia Gabriel Debate Competition.  We are happy to report that this year’s team managed 1 ranked, best speaker in the Division 2 competition.  We congratulate Issac Arul being ranked the 11th best speaker at the Julia Gabriel Secondary Schools Debate series.

Hosting opportunities:

We managed to play host for the following activities in the library:

  • ICA NRIC registration exercise
  • HSA School Health Checkup
  • Mother's Book Club
  • NT Scrabble Event