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Student Government

In St. Andrew’s Secondary School, we believe that
  1. Every boy is a leader who takes responsibility for his own actions.
  2. Every boy has an opportunity to develop and demonstrate his leadership skills.
  3. Every boy will support the student leaders and work together towards a common vision.
The SG Mission can be summed up in three words: Serve, Lead, Inspire. Our mission is to produce student leaders who believe in service for the school. Our student leaders head the student population and ultimately inspire the latter to serve the school. These leaders are groomed through the various leadership trainings and school events to create a strong sense of Serving & Belonging through two student bodies which work hand-in-hand:
  • The Prefectorial Board
  • Junior Leaders

Leadership Route Map


The Prefects Charter

The Prefectorial System has a twofold objective. Primarily, the aim is service to the school, through servant leadership. This also gives the students the opportunity to enhance and practise their leadership skills.

The tone of the school depends on the bearing of the Prefects. The highest standard of service and conduct is, therefore, expected of them. In the discharge of their duties as prefects, discretion, sympathy, tact and patience is required; also, there shall be a strong sense of self-discipline and fair-play. Prefects constantly bear in mind that the proper exercise of authority is only possible when it is governed by these qualities, and they constantly maintain a critical attitude towards themselves, and a more tolerant one towards others.  Self-discipline is continually emphasised  amongst them.

A student leader in SASS always
  • Act in roles of responsibility with integrity and honesty
  • Take on responsibilities and use decision making skills in order to carry a project through to a successful conclusion.
  • Work with others to achieve collective goals
  • Be active, reflective listeners who respond effectively.
  • Earn the respect of others through their actions

In line with SG mission of ‘Serve, Lead and Inspire’, the Prefects, together with the Junior Leaders, serve in various school events:

  • First Day of School Combined Morning Assembly with SAJS
  • Prefectorial duties during daily morning assembly
  • Student ambassadors to visitors
  • Student leaders dialogue with school leaders
  • Sec 1 Orientation Camp
  • Parents Day and CCA Display
  • School Evacuation Exercise
  • National Day Celebrations
  • Sporting Events (e.g. Sports Day, Kiwi Cup, Police Cup, Saints 7s)
  • Youth Day Appeal
  • Cross Country
  • Teacher’s Day Celebrations
  • Exhibition and Open Day for Prospective Students
  • Graduation Dinner

Training and Development of Student Leaders

Basic Leadership Training (BLT)

This is a compulsory 2-day workshop for Secondary One students who have been nominated by the teachers or who self-nominate. The objectives of this workshop are to equip students with the basic essential leadership skills and inculcate in them the social-emotional competencies necessary for student leaders.

Intermediate Leadership Training (ILT)

This is an overnight camp for all nominated Secondary Three Prefects which aims to build up their leadership awareness and competencies from BLT.

Advanced Leadership Training (ALT)

All Secondary Four Prefects, including those in the Senior Panel, attend an overnight camp. The objectives of this camp are to enhance their leadership skills and bring them on to another level of inspiring others to serve.

On-the-Job Training

The SG committee hand-holds the Prefects and Junior Leaders in their execution of duties and organization of the above-mentioned events to ensure the development of their leadership competency.

Student Leadership Centre (SLC)

There are also plans for seamless leadership development and training for student leaders starting from the Primary School level in SAJS to Junior College level in SAJC.