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Cohort-based Approach

Learning the St Andrew’s Way: Every Student Can Shine, Lead and Succeed!

The St Andrew’s brand of education believes that “No one is here by chance”. In all that we do, we endeavour to help our boys find their voice, purpose and sense of belonging – in self, school, community.

A key platform for doing so is our cohort-based programmes. Namely:
1) RKS Adams Programme (Express);
2) Francis Thomas Programme (Express);
3) Jacob’s Ladder Programme (Normal Academic); and
4) Marshall Plan Programme (Normal Technical). 

Together, they provide a continuum of support for different types of learners. In each programme:
1) We tailor the learning approach and activities to suit the unique strengths, needs and interests of the target group of students. 
2) We meet the boys where they are at, and give them myriad and varied opportunities to shine, lead and succeed.