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Enhanced Art Programme


(Secondary 3 students looking to enrol in 'O' Level Art )

The EAP in St Andrew's Secondary school is offered to Secondary 3 students who are interested in furhering their love for art and design after experiencing the foundational lower secondary art curriculum. EAP students are exposed to different art practices to help them build a strong foundation for art making and art appreciation. They will be equipped with the necessary aptitude while nurturing their creativity and technical skills for the future. 

EAP builds upon students' foundational fine art practices of drawing and painting and offers them exposure to digital and fine art practices. These include digital photography, design and imaging. Mastery and appreciation in fine art areas is deepened by exposure in mark making and art response and appreciation through study of visual arts (SOVA). The Artist-in-Residence programme encourages interaction with visual art and design practitioners, offering students insights and exposure to real-world application to their art learning experiences. In addition, field trips to art spaces locally and overseas extend students' learning beyond the school. 


Students are exposed to a wide variety of art forms and practices, to build a strong foundation in the Arts, nurture their creativity and sharpen their technical skills.

The EAP at St Andrew’s Secondary includes the following facets / activities:
  • Traditional Drawing and Painting
  • Experimental Drawing and Painting
  • Contemporary/Conceptual Art Practices
  • Study of Visual Arts (SOVA) - Art theory, criticism, response and appreciation
  • Digital Imaging 
  • Digital Photography
  • Artist-in-Residence
  • Field trips, including visits to art galleries and spaces in Singapore
  • Overseas Trips/School Immersion Programmes