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River Studies


River Studies Website:

Since 2005, students from St Andrew’s have been going down to the Kallang River to carry out a series of tests. St Andrew’s is a partner of the Public Utilities Board (PUB) and has pledged to help and look after the river which runs through the Village. Not only do the students help keep the river environment clean by helping clear the litter, they also help to monitor the water quality at different times of the year. In addition they collate information about the river environment and help share the ‘treasures’ they discover at many public presentations and conferences. 

Students use data-loggers, MGAs and sensors to check on the water quality. They test the pH or acidity level of the water, the water temperature as well as the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. To ‘see’ how clear the water is, the students make use of turbidity sensors. In addition, students go to the middle of the river via the bridge to measure how deep the water is at the time of measurement. Students collate, study the data and make inferences and present their findings to their classes during their Science and English lessons. 

Another further development of this programme includes making use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to pin-point the exact location of the students along the Kallang River. Recently, a team of boys work mapped out Berlayer Creek with the help of Nanyang Polytechnic’s IT Department, the location of places of special interest around the area located within Keppel Club.

We also work in collaboration with the National Environment agency, NEA, to share at the Clean and Green Singapore exhibition. This exhibition is organized by the South-East CDC and the NEA.