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Education and Career Guidance (ECG)


Education and Career Guidance (ECG) programmes in St Andrew’s Secondary School aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills and values needed to make informed decisions at key education stages to successfully transit from school to further education or work.

Through the ECG lessons conducted in school, it is hoped that students 

  •    develop self-awareness, self-directedness and life skills for continuous learning
  •   are empowered with accurate and comprehensive information that allow them to explore possible career pathways       and      discover various education options 
  •   are instilled an appreciation to value all occupations and how they contribute positively to society

  • are equipped with skills to positively engage their parents and other career influencers such as teachers, trusted   adults      and industry experts. 

For Tier 1 support in SASS, the ECG curriculum is enhanced through the design of customised Student Development Experiences such as career talks/fairs, open house visits to post-secondary education institutions, etc. Students are also taught to utilise the MySkillsFuture Student Portal ( for further exploration of their career goals.

For Tier 2 and 3 support, our boys are exposed to ECG workshops and talks by our ECG Counsellor, who also provides group or individual ECG counselling on an appointment basis. Our ECG Counsellor’s engagement is multi-pronged, as she conducts parent engagement sessions, as well as sharing for teachers to keep them constantly updated about the latest information in ECG.

                    ECG Plans 2022



Sec 1

·         Grooming and Personal Hygiene Workshop

·         Learning Journey related to the theme of Water Sustainability

Sec 2

·         Study Skills and Time Management Workshop

·         Learning Journey related to Food Sustainability

Sec 3

·         Sharing on Urban Farming by industrial experts

·         StrengthsFinder sessions

·         Pre-Sec 4 Interview and Portfolio Preparation Workshops

·         Poly Open Houses

·         ITE Open Houses

·         Careers Exploration Day

Sec 4/5

·         EAE Interview and Portfolio Preparation Workshops

·     ·         Careers Day

·         Parent engagement talks

For all levels

ECG Counselling with Ms Nur, Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Even Fridays (0800hrs-1700hrs)

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Links for Students and Parents for Further Exploration 

Where to go after O levels: 

Digital brochure from MySkillsFuture


Parent guide


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